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MEGA Goaltending is your personal goalie coach!

No Goalie Coach? No Problem!

MEGA’s Premium Membership serves as a password protected online resource for goalies, goalie coaches, head coaches and parents.

Hockey Canada, USA Hockey, and many European countries including Sweden and Finland have begun to recognize the importance of paying attention to the position, but have been slow to deliver quality information and drills in a user-friendly format to those making an impact on the position. MEGA’s Premium membership changes that!

What does a Premium Membership mean?

MEGA’s Premium memberships deliver quality goalie coaching to those who have been forgotten. For the past five years MEGA has been building its library of drills, webinars, and eBook topics to help support its premium members with the most current trends in goaltending. When you become a premium member you have a team of goalie coaches all driven to help you succeed this season. View our membership options by clicking here!

Perfect for goalies without a coach this season

This season parents and individual goalies across the country are utilizing MEGA’s premium content to develop their skills and become the best goalie they can. MEGA’s premium membership grants you access to professionally developed drills, featured articles with video to dive deeper into important goalie topics, Webinars that take you through physical and mental skills needed to be successful this year. In addition you will receive the Fundamentals of Goaltending eBook which will deliver clear and concise information on the importance of developing the fundamentals. Finally, you will be able to utilize the request a drill service which provides you with drills based on your specific needs!

Cost effective

MEGA offers Premium Memberships for goalies for as little as $65 a year for Bronze members and as much as $99 a year for Gold! Either way for less than a private lesson you get a season’s worth of expert coaching and development. Don’t let your development be held back, because your team doesn’t have a goalie coach. Take matters into your own hands and make this year your best yet with the help of the experts at MEGA Goaltending. Sign up today!

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View our membership options by clicking here!