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3 Reasons to have an unorthodox goalie session

Do you ever wonder why you see younger goalies flopping around, doing barrels, and doing belly flops on the ice during a goalie session? As goalie coaches, we know that when kids are younger we have to get them comfortable in their gear. One of the main reasons why we get them into funny positions is because they will at times find themselves in these positions during a game. The following are three reasons why it is helpful to include goalie sessions that from the outside, look a little unorthodox!

1. Equipment is clunky

It is one of the hardest things to do as a young goalie. If a goalie has never skated before and is wearing gear for the first time also, it usually is a mess. It is really important that at a young age that goalies do barrel rolls, stomach drops, falling over, and random edge catches. Every couple of weeks, try to throw in a drill where the goalie has to get into an awkward position then get up and make a save. This will help teach the idea that sometimes things go wrong and the goalie has to make do with the situation that they are in. Challenging goalies this way will also help them increase their athleticism. Athleticism as a goalie is important because it will help them develop their speed, quickness, power, and agility. Developing these qualities will help in the long-run to develop a well rounded goaltender.

2. It’s fun and useful

Having a practice that is “agility” based or structured around the fact that the goaltending position does not always go right is very useful. Not only is it useful, but it is fun for goalies to flop around sometimes! As the season draws on and on, making practices fun by competing and doing some unorthodox drills which will hopefully refresh the goalies. With the fun factor comes imagination and a prime example of this would be Brodeur or Dominik Hasek, these two goalies have made many saves that would be considered “unorthodox”. From the two pad stack to diving saves to flailing windmill saves they found a way to get it done and had a lot of success in the process.

3. Take the pads off sometimes

As a great goalie one said, the best skater on the ice should always be the goalie. It is beneficial for young goalies to go out on open skate or on a pond and just skate around with no equipment on as well, so that they can get edge work in on their skating. Skating is an invaluable tool because the more familiar a goalie becomes with their edges, the more that they will be able to do as a goalie. This motor development of knowing how to use the blade edge effectively can be pertinent to a goalie’s success and growth.

Finding new ways to make saves is what makes our position special. The VH, RVH, post load, etc… is what has innovated our position and the game. Becoming familiar with the equipment that is on you will help this innovation and increase a goaltender’s performance.

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