Membership OPEN June 1st T1 and Older
Membership OPEN June 8th Futures Tiers (T2,T3,T4)

Phase 1 Opening

Below you will find the operating procedures for our opening in Blaine. We ask that you familiarize yourself with these steps so that our first week back can be efficient and as normal as possible. Thank you for your attention to this important information and we look forward to getting started!

Phase 1 Restrictions listed below

Phase 2 Lessening of restrictions (parents in building, more players on the ice, normalized workouts, arrivals and departures, maintain social distancing practices and cleaning protocols, potentially introduce competitive drills (body contact)

Phase 3 Minimal restrictions

Arrival to the facility:

Prior to entering the building all participants will be greeted by a member of the FHIT staff.

All Staff and Players will be temperature scanned prior to entry. A strict cut off of 101 degrees will be our limit for entry. 

All players are required to supply and wear their own masks while entering and exiting the building.  Masks are not required during on or off-ice training. 


This staff member will be with the players for the duration of the time in the facility to ensure they are following our protocols and know exactly where to go and when. Kids will not be left unattended at anytime with the exception of dressing in the locker room.

Attendance will be taken at the entrance. Walk-ups will not be accepted during the first phase so that we can accurately plan for the safety of each registered attendee. You must register for each session prior to driving to the facility.

Departure: There will be no loitering allowed during phase one. Groups of greater than 10 people will be dispersed.  Parents, we need your help in picking up your child promptly. This will be greatly appreciated and needed for us to operate in a safe environment.

Parents will not be allowed into the building during this phase. We will have a staff member at the drop-off and pick up line to answer any questions you may have and help direct your child to their designated area. This is also a great opportunity to ensure your contact information is updated and correct in GEMs in case of emergency or general need to contact you.

Please view this video to see the safety and training protocols of our Blaine Location for your child

PHASE 1 Training Outline

On-ice Three main points about our on-ice training in phase one:

  1. Drills and Pace that will avoid injury due to prolonged inactivity
  2. Spacing in line for drills will be marked every 6 feet to maintain social distancing
  3. No Games or drills that include body to body contact. We will replace this time with competitions and or races that do not include an opponent physically contacting  the other.

Off-Ice Strength Training Three main points for our strength and conditioning:

  1. Workouts will be performed utilizing circuit style of training to ensure minimal contact transfer of equipment OUTSIDE weather permitting
  2. Workouts will start slow and at a pace to reacclimate the athletes to weight training
  3. Stations and walk-ways will be identified via tape on the ground to ensure distancing

Off- ice Shooting and Stick handling Three main points for our stick skills classes:

  1. Spacing will be established via marking on the floor to ensure social distancing
  2.  Skills sessions will be controlled at each step to ensure social distancing
  3. Pucks are not to be touched or picked up with bare hands..or bear hands because that would be scary!

Cleaning and sanitization 


Individuals will be directed to utilize the hand sanitizer stations upon arrival and departure of the facility and at the end of each activity (skills, ice, strength). Reminders around social distancing, touching of eyes or mouth, coughing and sneezing precautions will be enforced.

*Anyone not complying with these safety instructions will be asked to leave, No exceptions*


All strength equipment will be sprayed and wiped down after each individual rotation with approved disinfectant spray and wipes. All locker rooms space will be marked with designated seating and cleaned after each group departs. All common areas will be wiped down hourly. At the end of each night enhanced cleaning techniques will be applied across the entire gym, locker rooms and common areas.

Miscellaneous: For all apparel sales we recommend washing prior to wearing, We will have apparel available for you to purchase at the drop off/pick up-line. We will be suspending all cash purchasing for phase 1. All transactions must be done via “Money on Your Account” or credit card. No water fountain usage, individuals are encouraged to bring their own water bottles or purchase drinks via  “Money on Your Account”.


Director Dan Daikawa, Strength Coach Steve Alford, and Owner Justin Johnson have their own children in our program. We have set our protocols based on guidance from the Governor, the ice rink management and the CDC. We then took the perspective of parents and how we would want to keep our kids safe. We assure you we are taking every precaution possible to maintain the integrity of our development program while minimizing the risk of exposure for your kids.

We ask for your patience as we operate with new restrictions and know that we do not take the opportunity to care for and develop your children lightly.

Now let’s get ready to go!