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2 Tips For Goaltenders New To The Position

2 Tips For Goaltenders New To The Position

Quick Tips For New Goalies Becoming a goaltender requires commitment not only from the athlete itself, but also from parents. For parents, it’s a major financial commitment. Goalie equipment is expensive, but safety and proper fit should be first concerns when it comes to the equipment. 1. Equipment Nowadays, some associations provide goalie

Exercise Intensity, Training, & Goalies

Conditioning and Off-Ice Training

Conditioning and Off-Ice Training Conditioning. Everyone talks about being in shape, in goalie shape or hockey shape. So what does it mean? Well, there is a lot that goes into determining what this means and “being in good shape” takes on many different meanings. There is currently a lot of talk

Sharp Skates or Dull Skates?

What Qualities Or Characteristics Do The Elite Goalies Have? Oh you’re a goalie? So you like really dull skates, right? Many people that are not goalies say goaltenders need really dull skates so that they can push around their crease with ease and not get tired. Contrary to belief, many goaltenders in the