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Attitude is everything

Attitude is everything There is a lot in goaltending that is out of our control. We can’t control when shots are taken, what team you get traded to or our game schedule. The one thing we can always control however is our attitude. If you can keep a great attitude day

Mac Berglove: Beyond the pads

Mac Berglove: Beyond the pads Being a goalie has taught me much more about life than just being an athlete. It can be the most rewarding position in sports when everything goes your way, but also can be the most destructive. Throughout a season there may be games where you might

Managing pre-game nerves

3 Ways to Manage Pre-Game Nervousness We’ve all heard the horror stories, sleepless nights, loss of appetite, vomiting in the locker room, ulcers and even nervous breakdowns. Being a goaltender means joining the brotherhood of those who have fought the demons of the position and its demands since the dawn of

Patience in goaltending

Patience in goaltending

Patience in goaltending Patience has a lot of meaning when used in goaltending. As a goaltender we need to practice patience in a number of ways. We need to know how to practice patience in a number of ways and maybe some ways you may not have thought of before. But

Keys to mentally thriving as a back-up

Keys to thriving as a back-up goaltender

Keys to mentally thriving as a back-up It is often stated that being a goaltender is the toughest position in all of sport. Although I’m bias, I would have to agree, but I would also include one side note. The role of a back-up goaltender reveals additional challenges that often go

Being a leader

Who decides who is and isn’t a leader? A leader is someone with integrity, they can be trusted, and when the going gets tough they are there to make sure no one is left behind. There are many qualities that go into what makes a leader, but one thing that I

Managing Disappointment

Managing Disappointment

Managing Disappointment You’re bound to be disappointed at one time or another – its part of the game. Your job is to stop the puck from going into the net. The competition’s goal is to put it past you. There will be times you win and times they win. And when

Adam Wilcox: My First Year As Pro

Adam Wilcox

My First Year As Pro After training with MEGA goaltending for the past 4 off-seasons, Adam Wilcox shares his experience as a first year pro. Getting drafted in 2011 and not signing until 2015, which is typical of a college player, seems like a long time. After the glory years of college,

A Winning Try-Out Mindset

A Winning Try-Out Mindset

A Winning Try-Out Mindset As the off-season draws to a close and fall approaches many goaltenders’ thoughts turn toward their training camp or try-outs. For many, all of the long hours training in the heat were buoyed by the motivation of making a better team or taking your career to the