Wisdom Wednesdays: Looking back before you look forward

Total Development Tip of the Week: Wisdom Wednesdays Ep.2 As our off-season comes to an end and we begin planning for the start of a big regular season We want to challenge you to pause and reflect. Take a moment to evaluate your energy level, strength, and skills to see if what you dedicated yourself to this off-season actually worked! Take some time to write your findings down so that come next off-season you can be more effective and efficient with your training.
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Technical Thursdays: Zone Awareness

Total Development Tip of the Week: Technical Thursdays Ep.1: Zone Awareness
Total Development Tip of the Week: Technical Thursdays Ep.1 When executed properly Zone Awareness, can allow a goaltender to take a wide view of the defensive zone and consider the possible threats. Goalies with great zone awareness will be able to anticipate attacking plays and options as well as have the ability to "slow the game down". Take a look at this weeks Tip and learn the subtle ways to develop the important skill of Zone Awareness!
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Mental Monday’s: Finding Your Motivation

Finding Your Motivation
When it comes to summer training for goaltenders finding the way to unleash your motivation in the later part of summer can be tricky. To find your motivation remember the two C's Clarity and Creativity. It is nearly impossible to be motivated towards something if you are not clear about what it is, what it will take to get there, or how you will know you've reached your goal. Once clarity has been achieved there are times you may need to get creative around the story lines or scenarios to furth...
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Adding props to your training

Adding props to your training The use of “props” in goalie training is not a new concept, however in recent years innovative goalie coaches have developed a number of great tools to help goaltenders of all ages train for the complexity and chaos of defending the goal. The necessity of these props have even produced a number of cottage industries dedicated to designing products to help further challenge and meet the needs of goalies and goalie coaches. Before we dive into some examples of comm...
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3 reasons you should have an unorthodox goalie session

3 Reasons to have an unorthodox goalie session Do you ever wonder why you see younger goalies flopping around, doing barrels, and doing belly flops on the ice during a goalie session? As goalie coaches, we know that when kids are younger we have to get them comfortable in their gear. One of the main reasons why we get them into funny positions is because they will at times find themselves in these positions during a game. The following are three reasons why it is helpful to include goalie ses...
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Cutting Down The Angle

Cutting Down the Angle
Depth, get out, take ice, and cut down the angle There are many different phrases used to make sure a goalie is out on top of his/her crease to make sure they are cutting down the angle.  I think we all know the concept of this however, I do not think we know how important this is, especially for smaller goaltenders that are still developing. First, lets take a step back, if you look at goaltenders in the NHL, the majority of them can get away with playing “deeper” in their crease given th...
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Playing The Puck

Playing the Puck
Active Puck Handling Goalies Leads to Increased Team Performance, and More Wins Goaltender puck handling is often an under coached, overlooked skill. The fact that playing the puck is such an after thought limits the skill development of not only our youth goaltenders, but the forwards and defenseman as well. I was recently approached by a Bantam/U14 level goalie whose coach had told them that he didn’t want his goalies playing the puck at all. Was it the coaches fear of a mistake, possibly l...
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5 Tips For Off-Season Training

5 Off-Season Goalie Training Tips
This week’s post comes from Finish Olympian Noora Räty. She currently plays men’s professional hockey in Finland and is one of our lead instructors at MEGA. Her off-season insight is particularly intriguing being that she is from Finland and has a completely different experience than what most North American goalies are accustomed to. Tips For Off-Season Training There are no shortcuts to reaching your goals, becoming a successful goaltender requires a lot of hard work. Off-the ice you want ...
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Short Angle Save Selection

Short Angle Save Selection
Short Angle Save Selection Short angle shots carry a lot of weight in the decision making process for goaltenders.  This means deciding which save selection to use; VH, butterfly, RVH, or staying on your feet. VH stands for vertical/horizontal where the post side pad is perpendicular to the ice and the other pad is on the ice. A butterfly in this situation might be used as well but you would want to stay “narrow” to reduce the chance of a rebound in the high scoring area. RVH is what is shown...
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3 Things You Can Always Work On

Building the Foundation of Your Game: 3 Things You Can Always Work On
Building the Foundation of Your Game: 3 Things You Can Always Work On If you are a goaltender, you know the constant battle of trying to figure out what you can do to find yourself stopping more shots. These next three things I am about to mention are parts of your game you can always work on to stop more shots. Crease Movement Building the foundation of your game starts with your ability to move in the crease. As a goalie coach I cannot stress enough that you have to be able to move efficien...
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