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Adding props to your training


Adding props to your training The use of “props” in goalie training is not a new concept, however in recent years innovative goalie coaches have developed a number of great tools to help goaltenders of all ages train for the complexity and chaos of defending the goal. The necessity of these

Cutting Down The Angle

Cutting Down the Angle

Depth, get out, take ice, and cut down the angle There are many different phrases used to make sure a goalie is out on top of his/her crease to make sure they are cutting down the angle.  I think we all know the concept of this however, I do not think

Playing The Puck

Playing the Puck

Active Puck Handling Goalies Leads to Increased Team Performance, and More Wins Goaltender puck handling is often an under coached, overlooked skill. The fact that playing the puck is such an after thought limits the skill development of not only our youth goaltenders, but the forwards and defenseman as well. I was

5 Tips For Off-Season Training

5 Off-Season Goalie Training Tips

This week’s post comes from Finish Olympian Noora Räty. She currently plays men’s professional hockey in Finland and is one of our lead instructors at MEGA. Her off-season insight is particularly intriguing being that she is from Finland and has a completely different experience than what most North American goalies

Short Angle Save Selection

Short Angle Save Selection

Short Angle Save Selection Short angle shots carry a lot of weight in the decision making process for goaltenders.  This means deciding which save selection to use; VH, butterfly, RVH, or staying on your feet. VH stands for vertical/horizontal where the post side pad is perpendicular to the ice and the

3 Things You Can Always Work On

Building the Foundation of Your Game: 3 Things You Can Always Work On

Building the Foundation of Your Game: 3 Things You Can Always Work On If you are a goaltender, you know the constant battle of trying to figure out what you can do to find yourself stopping more shots. These next three things I am about to mention are parts of your

Groin Rehab

Groin Rehab

Groin Rehab: Keep Groin Muscles Healthy and Lower The Chances of Injury The muscles of the groins are a goalie’s best friends. They allow a goalie to snap down into a butterfly, close up the five-hole, and are pretty much involved in every movement a goalie makes. However, just like best