Total Development Tip of the Week: Mental Mondays Ep.2 Months of physical training can be eroded away with a poor mental mindset when it comes time for tryouts. Many youth players struggle mentally when it comes to tryouts because of their inability to focus on what they have control over and a lack of realistic expectations. Check out this week's Total Development Tip of the week on how you can develop a quality tryout mindset!
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Wisdom Wednesdays: Looking back before you look forward

Total Development Tip of the Week: Wisdom Wednesdays Ep.2 As our off-season comes to an end and we begin planning for the start of a big regular season We want to challenge you to pause and reflect. Take a moment to evaluate your energy level, strength, and skills to see if what you dedicated yourself to this off-season actually worked! Take some time to write your findings down so that come next off-season you can be more effective and efficient with your training.
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Technical Thursdays: Zone Awareness

Total Development Tip of the Week: Technical Thursdays Ep.1: Zone Awareness
Total Development Tip of the Week: Technical Thursdays Ep.1 When executed properly Zone Awareness, can allow a goaltender to take a wide view of the defensive zone and consider the possible threats. Goalies with great zone awareness will be able to anticipate attacking plays and options as well as have the ability to "slow the game down". Take a look at this weeks Tip and learn the subtle ways to develop the important skill of Zone Awareness!
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Wisdom Wednesdays: Two skills you can take to work

The reality is playing goalie will come to an end for all of us at some-point. Yet there are many lessons and skills that you learn by being a goaltender that you can take with you for the rest of your life. As it relates to entering the workforce two skills in particular jump out at me Work ethic and perseverance. Early in your goalie career you learn how important work ethic and perseverance are to your success. Taking these two skills and bringing them to your job or career can give you a tre...
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Mental Monday’s: Finding Your Motivation

Finding Your Motivation
When it comes to summer training for goaltenders finding the way to unleash your motivation in the later part of summer can be tricky. To find your motivation remember the two C's Clarity and Creativity. It is nearly impossible to be motivated towards something if you are not clear about what it is, what it will take to get there, or how you will know you've reached your goal. Once clarity has been achieved there are times you may need to get creative around the story lines or scenarios to furth...
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