Stop Ignoring Your Goaltenders: There is More to Lose than Just a Game!

Too many associations take the "cross our fingers and hope method" to recruiting and developing beginner goaltenders. They simply hope by sheer numbers that enough kids will want to be a goalie while not providing them with the support or development required to keep them engaged.

For the past 10 years we have worked with a variety of association sizes on how to build their Mite goaltending program.

We set a process in how to attract kids to the position and then how to pay attention to them and their development. The result was more goalies and more kids enjoying the position.

The Mite Development Program is the culmination of our experience in setting up a foundation and long-term plan for mite goalies.

The Mite Development Program is an online resource that includes:
A system to attract kids to the position
Parent information addressing their most common concerns
Coaching curriculum including drills, fundamental movements and save technique

Program tips like:
Ratios of skating out to playing goal
Practice plans based on dedicated and rotating goalies
Coaching communication,
How to incentivize goalies/ parents and coaches
Equipment guidelines.
Access to Fundamentals of Goaltending Ebook for all coaches in the association

$950 per season (does not include training)

For more information, please email us at: