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MEGA programs have been designed to develop and refine a goaltender’s skills in a challenging and purposeful environment. The dynamic coaching staff includes multiple collegiate goalie coaches who bring a unique blend of coaching and playing experience ensuring every student receives a quality training experience.

When participating in MEGA programs you can expect to learn not only the most current methods of goaltending but also give you the time and repetitions to discover which methods work best for you. In addition, MEGA coaches are passionate about developing the type of mental skills that will not only serve you well in the crease, but later in life as well.

Weekly Clinics

These weekly 60 minute clinics will allow goaltenders to develop their skills in a challenging and purposeful environment. This unique program allows goalies to train on ice at any time of the year. Goaltenders can purchase single sessions, or a package of sessions, which gives them access to any clinic that fits their schedule in that year. With a 2:1 goalie to coach ratio each goaltender will receive quality attention and time to develop their individual skills.

Locations: Schwan Super Rink, Hudson, LakevilleRogers, St. CloudStillwater, and South St. Paul!

Now available! MEGA clinics with Olympian Noora Räty!
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Goalie Center

Goalie Center training is the most efficient venue to effectively break poor habits and develop quality muscle memory movements, period. Each session features the use of the Boni puck shooting machine and or expert shooters for accurate and repetitive save/skill execution. We also use our instant video analysis service to reveal the slightest of movements and habits. In addition, every goalie can expect expert coaching in a positive training environment. Sessions are held to a 2:1 goalie to coach ratio to ensure great attention and sufficient rest between repetitions. The Blaine Goalie Center is located in the Herb Brooks Training Center, at the Schwan Super Rink.

Locations: Schwan Super Rink and Elk River!

Summer Camps

Learning how to train and taking goalie specific skills and concepts into a challenging environment will be the focus of our 5-day summer camps.  

Fundamentals Camp: Mite/U8, Squirt/U10, 1st Year Peewee/U12
St. Cloud Camp: Mite/Squirts U8/U10 and Peewee/Bantam U12/U14

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Mite & Squirt Development

Join us for this one of kind 10 week program designed specifically for young goaltenders looking to build and maintain their skills over the summer. This unique program allows for young goalies to improve their skills in a purposeful and challenging environment twice a week over the course of the summer. This ensures retention of the skills while avoiding burnout. Each session will place a focus on goalie specific movement and building solid save techniques. In addition an emphasis on angles and depth will help prepare each participant for their upcoming season.

  • 10 week program (20 sessions)
  • Starts week of June 5th and ends week of August 14th (break for 4th of July).
  • 3:1 ratio ensures each goalie gets excellent attention and repetition.

Five Great Locations: Elk River, Blaine, LakevilleStillwater, and South St. Paul!

Video Upgrade

This package allows MEGA coaches to film and store unlimited video of your sessions in your account for one year. MEGA coaches will store your Goalie Center, Clinic, Camp or even Games for you to track your progress. Storage is unlimited, allowing you to add to your own videos whether a MEGA session or not! This is a great service for those looking to track their development and learn through video.

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Game Analysis

Need a goalie coach? MEGA Game Analysis gives you the ultimate in expert coaching no matter where you play. Simply film your game using the Coach Cast system and the clips will be automatically sent to MEGA coaches. You will then receive detailed feedback on your performances along with drills to aide your development. All Game Analysis packages include 1-year of unlimited video storage which allows you to add clinic, Goalie Center or any other training or game footage to your profile. Expert coaching from anywhere in the world is now possible and easy!

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